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Alessandro D'Angelo - ELEFANTENTREFFEN

Every winter for the past 60 years, a few thousand riders from throughout Europe descend on Germany in the dead of winter for three days of laughter, roast pig, and many, many drinks.
It’s held in late January in the Bavarian Forest. Everyone takes a different route, and getting there through the sleet and snow is half the fun.
Most arrive the on the first night, roaring in on bikes heavy with chainsaws, stoves, tents and so much beer. It is invariably bitterly cold, but no one seems to mind. For the Elefantentreffen participants, the snow and the cold, the smell of smoke and roasted pork are the essential requirements for happiness.
I wanted to portray the riders as “movie heroes,” which certainly comes across in their strong poses and big smiles. I was fascinated by the people, who represent all walks of life, from farmers and students to engineers and doctors. The beauty of this rally it’s that to all the people no matter who you are, how you are and what you do. Everybody is equal as long as they get there. Being yourself for three days, beyond the life of every day and remove the mask you wear, to show a part of what you want to be really. At least a little.